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I help businesses all over the world generate more sales using evergreen online marketing strategies. I have a wide range of skillsets and over seven years of experience in construction and sustainable energy. However, my passion for learning quickly led me to researching other industries and becoming an expert at online marketing, and expanding sales platforms online.

I graduated from a highly competitive Master’s program in Sustainable Energy, and since then have been using my knowledge to help design sustainable buildings. I help optimize energy efficiency, incorporate renewable energy sources in buildings, and specialize in project and team management.

As I continued to build my career, however, I became fascinated with creating online lead generation platforms in addition to the physical structures that I helped create. Because of this drive, I have helped online entrepreneurs learn how to better market themselves by building custom websites for companies, as well as training individuals on how to become marketing experts.

• Website Design
• Lead Generation
• Conversion Optimization
• Sales Funnels
• Search Engine Optimization
• Webinars

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Aki Töyräs
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Some of my highlights

I have worked in some interesting projects like Resca and Taurisol. In Resca-project goal was to create concepts for choosing different kinds of renewable forms of energy for single-family homes and concepts to optimize the combinations of different forms of energies (hybrids). My job at Resca-project was to work as project manager for the project.

Mission for the Taurisol project is to build sustainable holiday resort concept, which is totally energy independent and ecological. A clean tech resort with 5 star services for holidaying and powering entrepreneurship. I have participated in Taurisol consept design from the beginning and I am still an active member of the project

Online Marketing Expert, Designing low-energy and sustainable buildings. Optimizing energy usage, Using renewable energy sources in buildings, Project management, Wide knowledge of common software tools in building industry.
I offer flexibility in work, good teamwork skills and innovative thinking as well as my work experience and education.
I love reading, especially I’m very interested about business books. I have read over 200 business books.

To keep my mind sharp and spirit up, I’m very passionate squash and badminton player.

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of My Best Work Is Featured Below.

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